News & Updates
News & Updates

At Kumar Labels, we strive to learn, innovate and improve continuously. Not only are we open to learning the best-practices, we are equally open about sharing those with the industry. We constantly update the section below as we move forward on our journey of continuous improvement...

Jan 2016

Speciality Label Stocks from HassleFree Technologies

Since 2014, Kumar Labels has been using innovative PSA labelstocks from its associate concern HassleFree Technologies. For labels on innovative labelstocks, please contact us at

September 2015

New Gallus EM280 installed

In September 2015, Kumar Labels installed its first press from Gallus, an EM280 10 station fully loaded press with foil and screen capabilities in-line.

October 2014

A new facility for Kumar Labels in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

In October 2014, Kumar Labels relocated to a new facility in Greater NOIDA. With more than 20000 square feet of area, and modern factory layout, Kumar Labels is ready to take on newer challenges from our customers.

April 2011

A new facility for Kumar Labels in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

In April 2011, Kumar Labels relocated to a new facility in NOIDA (near New Delhi). The new facility is about 10 times the size of the previous unit. Keeping up with our usual “make it happen” spirit, our team moved the entire factory in less than 24 hours and re-started production in the new facility in less than 48 hours!!

Our new facility also became home to several new equipment. Our recent additions include a U.V. Silk Screen Press; an Auto-Inspection system; and a 8-color U.V. Letterpress. Our office now hosts a dedicated customer service team, an independent QA team and a brand new MIS which would further improve our customer service.

Jan 2010

Installing "Poka-Yoke" at Kumar Labels

Our operators often forgot to push down the tension roller on the converting equipment. The result was inconsistent registration of our die-cutting. While we tried all methods of training of operators, it was un-avoidable situation where one in hundred instance was still possible.

Looking into the situation, Kumar Labels, innovated a "Poka-Yoke" (Japanese word often used by Toyota for mistake proofing) method. A sensor was installed such that if the tension roller was not pushed down, the machine would simply not run! This reduced our in-house rejections significantly and we have never again heard the same complaint from customer...

November 2009

Kumar Labels' 3 minute rule

It was concluded from production records that our job change time was higher than industry average. With the objective to increase our asset utilization, Kumar Labels innovated a new way or organizing and delivering (to the press) the required tooling. This enabled us to correctly locate any printing plate or die used in the past 12 months within 3 minutes. Further this increased our OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by 22%...

October 2009

Spreading awareness about mouth-cancer - improving the lives of those associated with us..

Majority of our production team members consumed "Gutka" or chewable tobacco. Not only this created a house-keeping nightmare, it would have potentially caused various ailments like mouth cancer. When all attempts of tightness of regulations didn't work, the management invited members of "Indian Cancer Society' to deliver a message on the dangers of mouth cancer due to tobacco and smoking. The speech had a magical effect. Many of our team members quit eating "Gutka" and now live a healthy life.