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What makes us different
Building quality into the process to control quality

We believe in developing solid process knowledge and continuously improve our process rather than focusing on inspection. This reduces wastage, cost and time of production. At Kumar "Quality Gates" are installed after each step so that the defects are identified and not passed to the next stage.

Keeping manufacturing equipment flexible and agile

We believe in Toyota's principles of "Autonomation". We believe in using simple, quick to set up, flexible (capability to do any job without hardware change), easy to operate and low cost machinery for production. This reduces turnaround time, cost of production, enables shorter runs, enables more value addition, reduces wastage and improves quality. At Kumar Labels we have achieved "Autonomation" by installing two identical "Full U.V. Intermittent Letterpress" machines.

Delivering fast, in short quantities and in many variants

As competition sets off amongst different brands, products today change more often than ever. This creates demand for labels - that are delivered quickly, in many variants and of high quality and with high value addition. At Kumar labels, all label production processes are in-house and all raw materials are sourced from the vicinity. This enables us to stay very responsive to our customer's needs.

Contributing to the society

By giving opportunities to those who wish to grow and by improving the lives of those associated with us is our way of giving back to the society.

Kumar Labels continuously hires and trains people who have the zeal to grow but have no prior exposure to the printing industry. Our team consists of people who were formerly pizza delivery boys, bus conductors, car drivers, contract labor in different industry, and many others who are now experts in label printing.

We frequently organize seminars to help our people improve their lives, for example, we recently conducted a talk by Indian Cancer Society to share with our team the dangers of mouth cancer due to smoking and chewing tobacco.